When a blind man thinks you’re pretty.

It’s no secret that old people are blind as bats.

Diabetes. Macular Degeneration. Cataracts. Old eyes.

Almost everyone who comes in wears glasses and we’re always puzzled when we notice they don’t have them on.

“Well, where are they?” we ask, as if they purposefully left them at home. “You say you didn’t have time to grab them while you were busy having your stroke? OK. Well, as long as your daughter can bring them in for you.”

By the second day we tend to forget that they still don’t have their glasses and we go about our business.

Then the patient says those two little words: “You’re pretty.”

It always takes a second to realize that it’s not a true compliment when a blind man says you’re pretty.

You hear the words and instantly you say “Oh, thank you!” Admit it. Your first reaction is flattery.

Then it hits you.


Yes, the man that just complimented you is also the same man who just mistook his urinal for the telephone; the call light for his cell phone; the CNA for their next door neighbor and their toothbrush for their comb.

Then with a chagrined look on your face you mutter under your breath,

“Well that’s just fucking fabulous.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julia
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 13:40:05

    He just knew that you’re beautiful inside AND out without being able to see, and that’s so much better!


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