Grin and bear it.

Mr. and Mrs. McNeederson: Time consuming. Stable, medically. Needy. Worst of all: ungrateful.

We’ve all had them. We all hate them.

There are really only three viable options with this group of people:

Option 1: Part ways. This is the best for both parties. You don’t want to make each other miserable. Also, you could possibly lose your license if you smothered her with a pillow.

Option 2: Grin and bear it. Personally, this is the option that I choose. There’s something about giving it your all and getting nothing in return that makes you feel good at the end of the day. Masochists, join me!

Option 3: Combination of Options 1&2. This is also known as the ‘Oh-no-what-have-I-done?!’ option. You start off with Option 1, but then talk yourself into option 2. It’s usually a day full of regret, hypertension, heartache, eye-rolling, and screaming your lungs out in the bathroom. My co-worker just demonstrated this option. She only made it half way through hand-off before the ugly realization of her fatal mistake set in.

Then there’s a fourth outcome. It goes as follows. You choose option 2 at the end of the first miserable day. You put your big girl panties on and woman up. You go home, dread your next day of work and have the ever present internal mantra of, “Only one more day. 12 more hours. I can do this! Only one more day.”

Then your dreams come true.

She’s gone! (Let me clarify: NOT dead!)

She’s been transferred or even possibly discharged. No guilty feelings, because you were fully prepared to take the challenge head on, but now, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

You do a little happy jig, clear your mind of the horror, and get ready for your next happy, grateful patient.

Fucking fabulous.


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